Author/Executive Direction: Besim Morina

Supervision: Michael Simon

Choreography/Performance: Clément Bugnon, Matthias Kass - Company Idem
Technician: PZ ZHdK
Assistance: Jasmin Wiesli

Location: Theatre of the Arts Zurich 


The golden section describes a principle of proportional division that can be found in biology, mathematics, architecture, art and music. Like a code, the Golden Ratio, also known as the "irrational number" in mathematics, determines the entire work of the project - both in terms of spatial design and temporal sequence. It is the basis for the stage design and determines the use of the music as well as the actions of the performers.

The performers and the audience are in the same room - there is no separation between stage and audience. The entire space is designed as a dynamic system based on the golden section. It is structured by 377 lamps - a number from the Fibonacci series - whose heights and radiance are controlled by the golden ratio. Basis for the musical collage The Art of the Fugue by J.S. Bach, also composed according to the rules of the golden section.

The Golden Section 1.618